It’s no secret that the stick shift is disappearing from today’s modern vehicles.  Many times you have to order a vehicle to get one with 6 speed as manufacturers have moved away from making them for today’s driver.  They are more concerned about creating a self-driving car, so that people can text and drive or so older people can have a vehicle drive them around today than the driving experience that comes from shifting a manual transmission.  I have always loved driving a stick shift.  So much so, that I’ve been cruising around since last Summer in a 1999 BMW Z3 that I purchased from the Mecum auto auction when it was in Denver last year.

Many of the people who will visit this site as an automotive enthusiast will know how to drive a stick shift, but what about your neighbor or your kids or your relatives?  I recently read that Hagerty has decided to offer a learn to drive a stick program as an effort to get more young people ages 16 to 25 to learn how to maintain a classic car and how to use a clutch.

What a great idea for a company that makes most of it’s money off of insuring and valuing classic vehicles.  After all, if they don’t keep a new generation interested in older vehicles they will be out of business.

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