Okay, it’s official. I’m a top car bid guy.

I love cars.  I love John Boyd and I love driving.  In addition to being a pastor, chaplain and creative person I love checking out what’s coming in on the car market.  My dad was a pastor in Detroit and we loved watching all the new cars come out onto the streets of the city.  You never knew what new designs or features would be coming out next.

not a cgevy but tesla cybertruck

I’m still the same today. I love to check out what’s new. Just recently I watched the YouTUBE rollout of the #TeslaTruck.  Man is that cool, next chance I get I’m putting my hundred bucks down to reserve my place in line.  I love the idea of a self driving car and especially a TRUCK that has towing capacity.  I’m probably what you would consider a #ChevyMan but I could be persuaded by the service record and affordability of some of the new cars and the changes to brands like KIA and Hyundai that have happened in the last few years.

This year I started driving for LYFT and UBER as a side gig and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and make a few bones on the side.  In addition to Ride Share driving I’ve also been FIXING and FLIPPING cars.  Buy low and sell high.  Do the minimal repairs, shine the dime and try to make some profit in the process. If you’re interested in Driving for LYFT or UBER here’s my two cents.  LYFT is great for tips and UBER is great for SURGE pricing.  The downside is that often times the way you’ll make the most money is going to be late at night or on Snow Days when not many other drivers want to be on the road.  If you’d like to start driving with either service, use my driver’s referral codes below.

Recently I just sold an 09 Chevy Malibu and I’m now on the hunt for my next RIDE share car.

I think the Subaru Outback is still the best selling car in Colorado and there are lots of sedans on the market that Lyft Drivers love but I’d like to find a small SUV that could make it into the LUX and XL categories for Ride Share purposes.  Recently a friend also just told me about the Amazon delivery service called FLEX which I may try out, anyway.  I’m open to your input on what car you think I ought to buy next.  What’s your favorite car?  I’m currently window shopping and weighing all the options.  I don’t NEED to buy a car but I’d like to find my next reliable side car for more LYFT driving.  If you have suggestions leave them in the comment section below. Keep in mind that as I’m researching I’m trying to balance out reliability, affordability, maintenance and “what’s fun to drive?!”  Let me know your thoughts.

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Lyft in car ad KIM in Spain

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