Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s hard to figure out what car manufacturer is not looking to come out with a new electric car to take on Tesla.  Audi is announcing the e-tron and you can see details of their latest and greatest vehicle by visiting their AudiUSA website.

Their website will inform you that the e-tron is starting at $74,800, which is a great deal compared to some of the other electric SUV’s on the market with Audi technology behind it.

They also have a disclaimer discussing the potential for the Federal Tax credit available, in case you’re interested, that reads the following –

“Federal tax credit up to $7,500. The federal government and some states offer financial incentives on electric vehicles which can help lower the total ownership cost of the e-tron. Visit www.PlugStar.com to learn more about tax incentives in your area. The incentives are not within Audi’s control and are subject to change without notice. Interested parties should confirm the accuracy of the information before relying on it to make a purchase.”

It’s a great looking vehicle and we grabbed a photo from their website to show you what one looks like.  It will be interesting to see how they sell and you can reserve one now if you’re in the market.  Be sure and visit the website and see what you think for yourself.  There is some good data on their charging and the range of the vehicle at the site.  We expect that Audi should do pretty well with this vehicle, but time will tell as the market for electric vehicles becomes more competitive.