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TopCarBid.com is a Member’s only Virtual Car Club that allows anyone to join for as low as $299 a year (about $24 a month).

A member can showcase their vehicle(s), upload photos of their vehicle(s), build their own personal profile, promote their business using their vehicle(s), advertise their vehicle for sale, share their personal experience or expertise with posts, allow people to make an offer on their vehicle(s) and it’s also available to car dealers.

Members can also earn money as an Affiliate by promoting TopCarBid.

top car bid owner - the cool car guy“You should always have your vehicle available for sale.  Most people’s vehicles are not going up in value, but are depreciating each month.  You never know who might be searching for your vehicle, so why not always have it available for sale instead of waiting until you have to sell it and get less for it.”
John Boyd, The Cool Car Guy – CoolCarGuy.com


TopCarBid.com is creating a unique proprietary website to capitalize on the enormous size of the automotive industry. We make it easier for individuals and dealers to find, purchase and sell vehicles using a member driven website.  It’s not just a car listing site, but a Virtual Automotive Club with vehicles for sale or not for sale since you can just showcase your vehicle(s).  At TopCarBid automotive enthusiasts can publish articles related to the automotive industry or rant about their experiences with their vehicle(s) or a brand of vehicle(s) or vehicles they want to own now or in the future. 

There isn’t anything currently like TopCarBid.com on the Internet today. 

Larger Car Listing Websites: Most cater to Dealers more than Individuals and the costs for Dealers to advertise on those sites can be hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. 

Car Magazines & Car Websites: Many are compensated by manufacturers through advertising or other means to write reviews, so their information can be slanted toward the advertisers funding them. 

Automobile Forums: It’s easy to get lost in the posts and threads before you ever find the relevant information you’re looking for and they are not centralized for information. 

Traditional Car Clubs:  There are some amazing car clubs that have great information for their Members, but they can be all over the country or the world to participate in their local clubs.

TopCarBid.com has kept it simple, a membership site with car listings posted by and news written by its Members.

  • Purchase a membership of 15, 60, or 1,000 listings for a year.

  • You can delete and add listings as long as you stay within your package limit.

  • Earn extra money referring memberships to others (as an Affiliate or a Member Affiliate).

    • Earn even more money by having other people you refer join as an Affiliate and they sell a membership if you are also a Member as well.

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TopCarBid.com is making it easier for individuals and dealers to find, purchase, sell and promote vehicles using a Member driven website.  Not just a car listing site, but a resource for information from our Members who are automotive enthusiasts.

Join TopCarBid.com as a Member for the year and showcase your vehicle(s) on the website.  You can have them available for sale or set a price of $0.00 and allow people to make an offer on your vehicle(s).  You can list up to 15 vehicles at a time for just $299 a year.

Auto Dealers: If you own a car dealership you can always keep your existing advertising websites and add TopCarbid.com as another spot to list your vehicles.  Compare TopCarBid.com at just $299 a year to other popular automotive listing websites that charge a dealership $3,600 or more a year to list up to 15 vehicles.  You will currently have to list your vehicles individually like you do on Craigslist, but it’s another source to find people searching for your vehicles.

Even if someone posts on Craigslist at just $5 per vehicle listing per month, so 15 vehicles a month costs a dealership $75 a month for only a 30 day listing or $900 a year.  At only $299 a year for 15 vehicles a month that you can swap out when they sell, TopCarBid.com is only $1.66 a listing compared to Craiglist with a much nicer looking website, interface, profile and automotive news section.

TopCarBid.com is the only Member driven Automotive Website that is tied to a unique Affiliate Program, so that people can earn money by promoting Membership sales tied to automobiles.  The Affiliate Program pays not just on one sale or the initial sale, but on recurring sales.  It also allows an Affiliate to get paid on the Membership sales of other Affiliates and not just their own sales. This is a huge benefit.

One of the problems with most Affiliate programs is that if you refer someone to a website to purchase a product and that person becomes an Affiliate as well, you only earn money from their one-time purchase.  As an Affiliate you’re constantly having to find new people, even if the website is getting paid on recurring sales created by the initial Affiliate.  Also, if that Affiliate was referred by your link the website company or owner benefits, but you do not from those additional sales.

By compensating our Affiliates we can drive more traffic to our website, so that more people discover and learn about TopCarBid.com as a way to showcase and sell their vehicles.  We also have created a way for people to earn an income by leveraging the power of the online automotive advertising industry.